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Pradadobes Working Dobermans

Pradadobes breed Working Dobermans, Doberman Puppies suitable for Protection, Security, Sport, and Family Guardians.

The Doberman (or Dobermann) has some amazing characteristics making it the perfect choice for a family looking to own not just a dog, but a loyal friend, protector and sport companion.

More than a 100 years ago Dobermans were specifically bred for one purpose, to be a guard dog.  Although once commonly used as guard dogs or police dogs, this is less common today. Careful breeding has greatly improved the nature of this breed, turning these fierce characteristics into a loving loyalty for his handler.

The modern Doberman is an energetic and lively breed suitable for companionship and family life. Dobermans are actually more suited to living indoors than outside. The Dobermans are also one of the smartest dog breeds in the world, training them is a constant pleasure.

This loyalty and brain power make Dobermans an amazing family addition.  Pradadobes value these specific characteristics and our working line breeding program is shaped around developing loyalty, strength and confidence.  Our puppies are a testimony to all that is good in this breed.

Pradadobes Doberman puppies grows to be fully rounded family Dobermans, confident  security dogs, sport companions and family guardians.

Our Doberman pups can be found all over Australia.

PRADADOBES Purebred Doberman puppies

PRADADOBES Dobermanns breed FULL EUROPEAN WORKING Dobermans. We plan litters very carefully to ensure a Pradadobes Purebred Doberman puppy falls into the criteria of our selective working line breeding program.  As such we do not always have Doberman puppies ready for adoption.

purebred doberman puppy for sale

Current litters are available on our Available Doberman Puppies Page. We will also keep you updated on our planned Doberman litters on this page.

Reserve a purebred doberman puppy

We have a high demand for our purebred doberman puppies. To make sure you do get a chance to own a purebred doberman puppy send us a reservation.

Pradadobes will contact you as soon as a next litter of Doberman Pups are planned,


PRADADOBES Dobermann Breeder

We are experienced Working Doberman Breeders near Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

PRADADOBES Dobermans is a registered member of Dogs Victoria.

For further information on Doberman puppies available please contact us and we will  answer your questions as soon as possible.

Pradadobes Dobermans