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Dear Juliette
We have been looking for a dobermann for the past year and a half.  When we came to you and saw your dogs, we could see that your dogs are  very well looked after.
We adopted one of your pups and called him BLITZ.
We are extremely happy with BLITZ, the previous dobermann we had was a very fussy eater, and Blitz eats anything that is given to him.  Blitz is not scared of loud noises or Thunder – and is already weighing in at 20kg.
Pradadobes is one of the very best breeders.  We will send some photos but we just wanted you to know that we are very happy with BLITZ.

Happy home for our 2015 litter

On Sun, Feb 15, 2015 Karl Spurr

just a short note to let you know how he is settling in. He is fantastic. He cried and carried on all the way home and for the first day as expected but after a good nights sleep and realising we are his new family he has really impressed me. He plays with the toddlers as roughly or gently as they play with him and every time I get up and walk away he is right bye my side. He has not shown any signs of stress over things. We had him sit with us out the back during the thunder storm the other night and he was not bothered and with him being calm helped Beth because she normally stresses with thunder but was calm with it. He sleeps inside at night and has only had four accidents inside most of the time he goes to the place in the yard that I have shown him to go. Feel free to ad me or Donna on facebook so you can watch him mature into the awsome dog that I can see he is going to be. Thank you and keep up the good work.

With thanks Karl
Pradadobes Dobermans