Purebred Doberman puppies from Pradadobes

PRADADOBES Dobermann puppies

Our Doberman puppies are bred from FULL EUROPEAN WORKING LINE Dobermans.

PRADADOBES Doberman puppies grow to become wonderful companions, security and guard dogs. Our Doberman pups can be found all over Australia and other parts of the world.

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The Purebred Doberman pups we breed have exceptional qualities and are high in demand. If you have decided that a Doberman is the breed to best suit your family, please let us know and we will book a doberman puppy from our next litter.

On occasion we do export Doberman puppies. Please contact us with inquiries from abroad.


Previous Doberman Pups

This page shows some of the Doberman puppies adopted from Pradadobes. These outstanding litters of Purebred Doberman puppies are now living all over Australia.

To find out about our previous doberman litters, planned doberman pups or current doberman litters, please contact us.

Taking care of your purebred Doberman Puppy

Some information that will help new doberman puppy owners will be posted soon.

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How to feed your newly arrived Doberman Puppy


Pradadobes Dobermans