Doberman Puppy Care and Nutrition

Taking care of your Purebred Doberman Puppy

How to feed your newly arrived Doberman Puppy

Understanding the nutrition of Doberman pups –
a daily feeding routine for your doberman puppy.


(also suitable for adult dogs)

 MORNING:  8 TO 9 A.M.

GOATS MILK OR PUPPY MILK – Luke warm temperature especially in winter.  You can also add some soaked oats to it.  In summer milk by itself is O.K.

 MIDDAY:  12 TO 1 P.M.

Beef minced or diced mixed in with Black Hawk Biscuits, 2 x a week feed some raw livers cut up with the biscuits.  I also recommend using Farrells 4 x 2 baked biscuits for chewing.

With the mixture I normally add half a teaspoon Dolomite (Calcium & Magnesium) twice a week, also twice a week half a teaspoon Seaweed Meal and once a week Cod Liver Oil about 10mls in a syringe (Open their mouths and aim at the side of the mouth and squeeze the syringe slowly).


With young puppies I give Chicken Necks (they love them).

With slightly older puppies I give them Lamb Necks (they leave only a little bit of bone).  This helps develop their jaws.

 EVENING:  7 TO 8 P.M.



For Doberman Nutrition

Natural Pet Care by Pat Coleby

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Some information that will help new doberman puppy owners will be posted soon.

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