Female Doberman Dogs from Pradadobes

Female Doberman Dogs

Pradadobes has some of the most outstanding  Working Females Dobermans (Bitches) in Australia.

Our dobermans are part of our family and that offers us a an in depth insight into each female doberman’s nature. This is most valuable when selecting a female doberman  for our selected breeding program. Pradadobes pride ourselves in creating a perfect match when planning our next litter of doberman puppies.

Each puppy bred at Pradadobes comes with a full history of their parents bloodline and health. You can view the female doberman and male doberman parentage and see previous doberman litters.

Purebred Working line Female Dobermans

Our Doberman females are selected for their even and good nature temperament. Our dobermans females are extreme loyal and intelligence, and these outstanding characteristics make them perfect to train as working dobermans.

Our dobermans are also perfect family dogs and fit into a household effortlessly. Our Doberman females are energetic, watchful, fearless and obedient.

Pradadobes breed Working Dobermans, Doberman Puppies suitable for Protection, Security, Sport, and Family Guardians. Our select female dobermans are vital to this program – click on any of the doberman females listed below to view more:

To find out about our doberman litters, planned doberman pups or current doberman litters, please contact us or visit our doberman puppy page.


Tarsia Female Doberman

Doberman Mom Tasia


Female Doberman of Prada YENIE STANDING

Female Doberman of Pradadobes – YENIE


Female Doberman of Pradadobes - TARSIA

Female Doberman of Pradadobes – URSA


Doberman female of Prada doberman breeder melbourne

Doberman female of Pradadobes -ELLIE


Female Doberman of Prada VALENTINA-&-SHADOW-083

Female Doberman of Prada VALENTINA-&-SHADOW


Pradadobes Dobermans