Pradadobes Doberman males

Pradadobes Male Doberman Dog

Pradadobes Dobermann breeder is very proud of our Doberman male SAM.

Sam (BOSS) is a Pradadobes Dobermann stud, a male doberman with outstanding character and most valued in our selected doberman breeding program: breeding Full European Working Doberman Lines, suitable for Protection, Security, Sport, and Family Guardians.

 Pradadobes Doberman Breeder is based near Melbourne Victoria Australia. Doberman puppies available from the line of Sam, is sure to present only the best in the doberman breed and become valued loving family members all over Australia and beyond.

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SIRE: Vonhellas Persus
DAM: Vonhellas Queen (AI)



Cicho Von Der Doberwache (Deu) VDH1133478
Pedro Vom Burgwald (Imp Deu) VDH120251
Cleo Von Der Urftquelle (Deu) VDH114743
Sire:  Vonhellas Persus 310019647
Asco Von Der Burgstatte GER. VPG3.GER.FH-1. IPOIII (DEU) VDH114977
Ria Vom Burgwald (Imp Deu) VDH120957
Meike Vom Burgwald (DEU) VDH117896
Emir Les Deux Peupliers IPO III. (NLD) NHSB2001258
Queston Les Deux Peupliers SCHH III.IPO III. (IMP NLD) NHSB2303800
Hilary Les Deux Peupliers IPO II (NLD) NHSB2049866
Dam:  Vonhellas Queen (AI) 3100207704
Icaro Vom Blitzriger (SWE) S51732/2003
Briska’s Yra (IMP SWE) S13630/2004
Briska’s Senta (SWE) S49379/2000
Pradadobes Dobermans